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The UpFront Mortgage Brokers Association (UMBA) is a non-profit organization that was formally created in August of 2001.

The stated purposes of the Association include the following:

To develop a code of standards for mortgage professionals, who shall be referred to as Upfront Mortgage Brokers.

To develop a monitoring process for Upfront Mortgage Brokers that attests to their adherence to the code of standards.

To promote the use of Upfront Mortgage Brokers as a way of increasing the efficency of the home loan market and curbing predatory practices.

To increase public knowledge and understanding of Upfront Mortgage Brokers through educational and informational programs and materials.

To promote and represent the common business interests of, and improve business conditions among, members of the UMBA.

The Association has a five person Board of Directors. The day-to-day operations of UMBA is handled by five UMBA members who serve as officers of the Association.