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The Upfront Mortgage Broker concept is about creating a "win/win" situation for both the consumer and the mortgage broker. 

Consumers receive the benefit of doing business with a mortgage broker who will represent their best interests. Mortgage brokers who are willing to operate under the terms of the 
Upfront Mortgage Broker Commitment have the ability to expand their business. 

For consumers, shopping for a mortgage loan is a very difficult proposition. Many consumers who shop for a loan utilizing the "best interest rate" mentality fall victims to the bait and switch tactics prevelent in the mortgage industry. And honest mortgage brokers lose business to these rogue operators.

With what has transpired in the mortgage industry in 2007, consumers are learning that the typical mortgage broker does not necessarily operate with their best interests in mind. As such, consumers are now seeking out those mortgage brokers who can be a reliable source for quality information who can help guide them through the complex maze of loan options.
But it not just consumers who are seeking trustworthy mortgage providers. CPA’s, financial planners, real estate agents, and attorneys can feel comfortable when they refer their clients to an Upfront Mortgage Broker because of the UMB's commitment to the best interests of their clientel. 

As a member of the UMBA, you can become the mortgage provider that both consumers and referral sources can trust. 
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