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Alex Medvec
Contact Information

Fearon Financial
3763 Attucks Dr.
Powell/Columbus- OHIO, Ohio 43065

1.888.900.5246 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
I am affliated with Fearon Financial, and reSource Real Estate. Fearon Financial is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and is a member of the Better Business Burea and National Association of Mortgage Brokers. reSource Real Estate is a member of the Columbus and National Association of Realtors.

Contract With Client

All fees are discussed upfront and disclosed on the GFE estimate.

Technology Employed
* Online Locking
* Online Submissions
* All loan documents are scanned and stored electronically.
* Efax

Locking Procedures
According to Client's Timeline
Third Party Fees
Appraisal Fee: Typically $295 to $375 depending on appraisal type. Investment properties with multiple units and operating rent schedules are typically more.
Title Company Fees and Title Insurance: Fees vary per title company and by state. You may choose your own. Typically they run $450-$650 for their service fees. Title insurance is another fee and a requirement by every lender which insures the lender against liens and title claims. If you have your old policy from your purchase or refinance this can save up to 30% on the insurance costs.

Broker Fees
** All fees are typically rolled into the loan so nothing is out of pocket, even on a purchase, call me so I can explain how this is possible.**

Origination Fee: Flat fee pricing:

for loan amounts under $200,000-> $2,000 flat origination fee which can be charged upfront or made off the lender rate yield spread (call me to ask how the yield spread works).

for  loan amounts over $200,000-> $2,800 flat origination fee, can also be charged upfront or made off the lender rate yield spread.

Processing Fee: $0

Lender Fees: Varies by the lender used. Underwriting fees for Prime Loans typically run $495 to $595.

I've lived in the Central Ohio area since 1997 and have strong experience in the financial aspect of real estate - first as a finance graduate from Ohio State and then as a Mortgage Broker and Realtor, specializing in residential and investment property sales.  As a Broker, I'm also able to offer a wide range of mortgage products to suit your needs and situation. I specialize in purchases and financing for investment properties, residential and commercial. I work closely with financial planners, attorneys, cpa's and real estate brokers who entrust their clients business to me. My referrals come from all over the state of Ohio, and I value the trust and confidence of my clients.

I'm dedicated to providing great service and am sensitive to your buying, selling and borrowing needs.  I am available for appointments at a time that suits you.
** I am also familiar with lending in the states of Colorado, Florida, Montana, Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana and Missouri. **

Fearon Financial
3763 Attucks Dr.
Powell/Columbus- OHIO, Ohio 43065

1.888.900.5246 [phone]
1.614.453.5666 [phone2]
[email protected]