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Philip Loria
Contact Information

37-20 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Astoria, New York 11103

7189439200 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
New York Association of Mortgage Brokers
Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association
Better Business Bureau
New York State Bar Association

Contract With Client

Amerimutual Mortgage has adopted the "Mortgage Broker Fee Disclosure" which clearly spells all fees that Amerimutual Mortgage will earn from the proceeds of your loan.  This form complies with Upfront Mortgage Broker Requirements as well as New York Disclosure Requirements. 

Technology Employed
Amerimutual Mortgage employs the latest cutting edge technology (Encompass 360) to ensure all loans are processed timely, effieciently and securely.  As for client comminications, our platform allows us to operate as is best for the client.  We have state of the art T-1's, VOIP's, Scanners, Internet & Emails Systems; however we can also communicate in more simple forms such as phone, fascimile, and first class mail.  While we realize the importance of technology, our clients preferences are paramount importance.

Locking Procedures
Amerimutual Mortgage provides 15, 30, & 45 Day Lock Options.  As you are the customer, you reserve the right to lock the rate as you see fit.  Once your loan is locked you will receive confirmation from the Lender confirming your interest rate, lock period, type of loan and loan amount.
TIP:  Do not accept "Verbal Locks" they mean nothing.  Get it "IN WRITING", the "UPFRONT" way.

Third Party Fees

Amerimutual Mortgage has implemented a No MARK UP POLICY which prohibits the marking up any third party fees.  We simply pass along the fees as they are presented to us by third parties.  

Broker Fees
We pride ourselves in providing our clients with impecable service at a reasonable fee.  The following factors are all considered in determining the fee; Complexity of Loan, Loan Amount, Credit History, Documentation Type, Borrower Participation, and Time Parameters. 


Backed by a long history of integrity and driven by a commitment to enrich the community, AMERIMUTUAL Mortgage Company is proud to make a difference by matching homebuyers with the right mortgage products for their needs.As the agencyís founding partner, Iím passionate about delivering high quality mortgage product solutions for you and your family.

My years as an attorney have built a strong foundation of in-depth knowledge on mortgage lending and the shifting landscape of New Yorkís real estate market.My comprehensive understanding of these financial instruments has allowed me to offer authoritative guidance to AMERIMUTUALíS stable of trained loan officers ready to serve your lending needs.Too often as an attorney, clients seek out my legal services after falling victim to misguided advice or predatory practices; by then damage is already done.With the creation of AMERIMUTUAL, Iíve built an indispensible resource for homebuyers searching for straightforward and trustworthy advice from an expert.

As a respected leader in the lending business, AMERIMUTUAL has been successful in revolutionizing the industry one mortgage at a time.Our company values are grounded in the principles of honesty and fair dealing.For you, this means responsible lending with reasonable fees and you can enjoy a worry-free lending experience from a local business you can trust.

AMERIMUTUAL is an Upfront Mortgage Broker that places a premium on transactional transparency.Our valued clients appreciate this advantageous approach and enjoy the benefits of having a mortgage broker that is fully aligned with consumer interests.For further information about this opportunity, I invite you to explore WWW.AMERIMUTUALMORTGAGE.COM.††

Thank you for your time.


Philip Loria, Esq.


President & CEO

37-20 Broadway, 2nd Floor
Astoria, New York 11103

7189439200 [phone]
[email protected]