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Michael Dolan
Contact Information

BrokerPro Mortgage, LLC
1001 SW 5th Ave
Ste 1100
Portland, Oregon 97204

503-220-2705 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
BrokerPro Mortgage is dedicated to fast accurate loan service based on the latest technology.  

Home loans in Oregon and Washington.  Commercial loans in most states.
Mortgage License NMLS 114972

Contract With Client
UMBA contract
Technology Employed
Very internet oriented. Communicate by many methods including email. Secure online application.
I reduce your costs by maintaining the very latest internet and computer software applications.  I have already eliminated a separate "processor fee."

Locking Procedures
We can go online with a lender and lock "live."
We follow rates closely and call when it is advantageous for you to lock.
Because we are efficient, we can lock on 21-day money or even and lower your rate compared with the old fashioned 30-day lock.

Third Party Fees
Third party fees passed no to you at no mark up. Invoices available
Broker Fees
Broker Fees:  Often 1%. Depends on loan size

Processing Fee: None for many people.  $200 -$400 on more complicated transactions such as when investment properties are included

Lender Fees: Typically $800 

Appraisal Fee: $500 to $600

Yield Spread Premium: Typically 0 to 1%. Most Upfront borrowers prefer Loan Origination fee and lower interest rate and no Yield Spread Premium. You decide. I'll show you the rate/rebate from the wholesale lender.

Safe and secure online application gets you started on your best mortgage loan: http://www.brokerpromortgage.com

Oregon's Upfront Mortgage broker, now serving Washington.  We love Vancouver.

Located in the heart of Portland's financial district, BrokerPro focuses on the needs of the well organized buyer and investor.  Best priced, most efficent home loan for good credit borrowers. 

Broker Michael Dolan has been long active in his community.
20 years as an investor. Founding member UMBA. Residential and commercial broker. President of several non-profit housing agencies over the years.  Business communication teacher at Portland Community College. Complete resume and licensing information at BrokerProMortgage.com.
Now also a representing a direct Fannie Mae underwriter so we get you the best possible Apartment Complex loans.

BrokerPro Mortgage, LLC
1001 SW 5th Ave
Ste 1100
Portland, Oregon 97204

503-220-2705 [phone]
503-287-4876 [phone2]
[email protected]