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Debra Healer
Contact Information

MultiSource Mortgage and Real Estate Services
811 W Napa Street
Ste C
Sonoma, California 95476

707-938-2627 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation

Contract With Client

Technology Employed

Locking Procedures
FHA: 15 day lock upon approval of all condition.
Conventional: Up to 45 days for no additional cost.
Jumbo:  Up to 45 days for no additional cost.
Lock confirmation letter will be given to client.

Third Party Fees

Escrow/Title fees and insurance; appraisal; credit report determined by third party provider.  We will provide the fees in our Good Faith Estimate after consulting with the provider.

Broker Fees
Processing Fee: $325
Origination Fee: 1.25-1.50 points

For over 22 years, we have specialized in turning our customerís dreams into reality.  In this age of automated answering sysems and faceless websites, we are happy to offer an alternative to those who prefer a one-on-one with their mortgage consultant.  We recognize that obtaining a home loan is a serious financial decision and being able to meet, or speak, directly to your lender should be straightforward.  
We are available to answer any of your questions or concerns seven days a week.  We can be reached via phone, email or our website.  We promise to return your call promtly! Rest assured, personalized service DOES NOT mean higher rates and limited options!  
We our proud of the fact that we have taken care of our clients months and years after the close of their loan.  We know questions arise after everyone has closed the file .  We are here to help you in any way regarding your loan through us.  At anytime.  It's that simple.
Our Background:
Rocky Benedetto (Sr. Loan Consultant) joined MultiSource Mortgage in 2004 and has over 8 years in the mortgage business.  Rocky meets with each client (at their convenience via phone, website or face to face) to gather the information necessary to process your loan.  He  will work closely with you, the realtor, title and appraisal companies to ensure a smooth and timely close of your transaction.  He is available to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have at any time-yes, that means seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.!  Call or text him directly at 707.738.9783.
Debra Gooch Healer (Broker) opened the first mortgage brokerage in 1986 (MultiSource Mortgage) in her hometown  - Sonoma, CA. With an extensive background in processing and underwriting, coupled with over 22 years in successful loan closings, Debra  has the knowledge  and experience to quickly and smoothly close your loan at the lowest rate and costs possible.  


MultiSource Mortgage and Real Estate Services
811 W Napa Street
Ste C
Sonoma, California 95476

707-938-2627 [phone]
707-363-8969 [phone2]
[email protected]