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Dick Todhunter
Contact Information

Columbia Funding Group
978 Industry Drive
Seattle, Washington 98178

206-898-3776 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
Your home should be a Sound investment decision also!

Dick Todhunter is YOUR financial consultant, with over 20 years of mortgage experience, including building a mortgage bank from 3 employees to over 120 loan originators who generated $850,000,000 in mortgages between 2000 and 2004 when he sold the company.  In addition I have over 30 years experience in real estate sales, marketing and investing.

In these trying times, shouldn't you go with experience and longevity?

Don't go away without checking out your real benefits in the next section "Contract with Client".

Visit www.realtyandamortgage.com for an overview of my program offerings.
I am an associate broker with Columbia Funding Group.
I am an associate broker with Washington Financial Group.
I am the Designated Broker, and owner of Sound Realty NW.
Visit www.thesoundteam.com to utilize my real estate website and view "My Informative BLOG" to understand my personality, depth of knowledge, and integrity. Blogs are fun!  Like getting to look into your daughters diary, you can see who you are dealing with, thier inner thought processes.

Contract With Client
Your  advisor who can positively impact their financial future.

By working with me you will enjoy the benefits of having a Mortgage Under Management includes an automated Rate Watch program, a Mortgage Lock In program and an overall Mortgage Management program.  All of this is FREE to you and will save you thousands of dollars over the term of your home ownership.  See additional programs below.

I currently do not employ a written contract with clients but plans to adopt the standard UMB contract when it becomes available.

Are you a Buyer? 
Great!  You will enjoy my "How to Buy in this Market" personalized analysis.  This will show you how to qualify for more home, pay less monthly, purchase a home at a lower cost or any combination of the above. 

Are you a Seller? 
You need to talk to me!  My "How to Sell in this Market" personalized analysis will show you how to expand the market of eligible buyers and increase the probablililty of selling.  Buyers are limited by their incomes, my program can drastically lower their required income.

I handle my business from a Consulting point of view. If you hired a consultant and paid him good money you would expect that he would provide what he was hired to do.  Think about it.... mortgage people are here one day... gone the next.  Not me.  I am YOUR Consultant!  Your mortgage financial planner!

My clients receive a comprehensive Good Faith Etimate which details the costs as they would expect to pay at closing.  The only time things would change is if there were a change in the Clients status.  Such changes are caused by Credit Issues, changes in programs 

This is not to say that every change would require additional compensation, only those that make the job more difficult.  At which time there would be another GFE drawn up and presented for approval, along with full disclosure.
Any markup required by the lender is listed on the rate sheets and is available, along with a complete explanation of what each lender charges. 
My business is handled in an educational manner so that the client should have a full understanding and be better prepared for their next mortgage as well as feel comfortable in providing me with ongoing referrals.  
I can provide my clients with a wide variety of informative decision making tools:
Buyer Financial Impact Overview - stressing "personalized" home ownership benefits.
Seller Financial Impact Overview - You have to be a Seller in order to become a Buyer.

Total Cost Analysis - compares different mortgage programs/ interest rates, helping you select optimum financing based on savings of perhaps hundreds of dollars per month.

Rent vs. Own - What is the impact of home ownership on YOU?

The Liquidity Builder - which looks at your Current and Diversified asset positions.

Technology Employed
I use an online application process which clients can use to fill out their application at their convenience.  The status of applications is available on-line at all times, and documents can be signed digitally on-line.  Clients who have completed their application and elect to “float” the rate are kept informed continuously on changes in the market via an exclusive market-watch service.
Internet websites
Lender program and best interest rate search sites
Automated underwriting
All of the above are things everyone has access to and does.  What really differentiates me is my Consulting mindset.  There really is so much more to getting your mortgage than you might think.

Locking Procedures
Loans are locked upon request.  Rates are chosen at earliest possible lock date after request.  Borrower can be provided with rate sheet upon date of lock confirmation and will receive the agreed upon rate.
If there is a rebate price it will have been previously disclosed.  Any excess rebate at time of locking the loan will be applied towards Borrower's closing costs.  Thus maintaining our agreed upon fee structure for each loan.

Third Party Fees
Dick guarantees lender, broker and third-party closing costs on the day that the rate is locked. If any of these costs at closing are higher than those shown on the good faith estimate given to the borrower at the time the rate lock is confirmed, he will pay the difference. All third party fees are charged as incurred. 

There is never any overage on any third party fee, as that would be a RESPA violation, with a $10,000 violation for each incident.

Broker Fees
Dick negotiates fees on a case by case basis. Some of the criteria that go into the determination of our fees are: Loan Amount, Credit History, Documentation Type, Borrower Participation, and Closing Time Frame. Typical Fees are as follows:

Origination Fee:
Typically 1 - 1.5% of the loan amount.
Processing Fee:
$495 payment of loan processor and transaction coordinator.
Lender Fees:
Wholesale lenders charge a fee to underwrite the file, prepare the loan docs and fund the loan. This also includes the tax service fee and the flood certification fee which includes credit report, Fed Ex fees to get loan package to the lender.
Appraisal Fee:
Ranges between $400-$500 depending on type and size of home. Customers are free to shop for their own appraiser. We can recommend a trustworthy company if the customer wishes.
Yield Spread Premium:
The spread that the bank pays us to deliver a certain rate to the customer. This fee is always disclosed by United Mortgage Financial Group, Inc. and the customer has the option to use the Yield Spread to pay for the origination fee to keep up-front costs lower. This is worked out on a case by case basis with the customer to determine if it makes more sense to pay the origination fee, the Yield Spread Premium fee or a combination of the two.  Any YSP above what has been quoted is to be applied to diminish Borrower closing costs.

Associate real estate transactions:
If I do a real estate and mortgage transaction my fees on the mortgage can be cut significantly. For larger purchase transactions I have saved my clients as much as $12,000 in closing costs by combining these two services.

I offer to contribute a percentage of my compensation, on both the mortgage and real estate  transaction to a charitable entity of the Consumers choice, and in their name, so that they get a tax writeoff for the contribution.  Contribution is made at the time of closing so that it is accounted for appropriately.

Not a Johnny Come Lately to full disclosure!
I have been doing some form of combination of real estate and mortgage benefits with realtyandamortgage.com since 1999.  It was a good concept then and great concept now!

Areas of Mortgage business include residential and commercial lending in the State of Washington.  Specializing, tragically, in helping clients avoid foreclosure.

Education:     MBA- Finance, University of Puget Sound,  School of Hard Knocks, BS in Environmental Studies, Huxley College of Environmental Studies, Bellingham;

Major Achievement:    Founded United Pacific Mortgage in 2000 and sold in 2004.  Originated over 4,500 mortgages, $850,000,000 in volume.  Managed, trained over 120 LO's and  about 30 processors and staff.  Had a bank line of $10,000,000.  I fully understand the business of real estate and mortgages.

Designations: Associate Mortgage Broker  
                       Real Estate Broker

Major Client Benefit of my experience:   
I look at the homebuying, mortgage, refinance experience from a wholly different way than most people you could be looking toward for assistance in any of these areas.  I believe that your home should be a sound financial decision, as well as a place to live in and enjoy the amenities of.  I provide my clients with a FREE "Financial Impact Overview" of home ownership and financial decisions. 

There are many other things to consider in your mortgage planning decisions, and I have seen th-m all.  By the way, I have never participated in the Sub-Prime mess.  I sold my company before this all began.

My clients benefit from my 30+ years of real estate sales, marketing and investment experience.  With over 20 years of mortgage origination experience my clients know that they are being well taken care of in this, their most significant financial decision. 
By combining their real estate and mortgage needs my clients end up with an excellent experience, they save money on their mortgage, they don't have to shop for an agent and then a decent LO.  It's a convenient one stop shop.

Looking to buy or sell a home contact me directly at 206-898-3776 or visit my real estate website Sound Realty NW  .

Columbia Funding Group
978 Industry Drive
Seattle, Washington 98178

206-898-3776 [phone]
[email protected]