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Shane Dawson
Contact Information

Pinnacle Mortgage Group, LLC
1129 Main Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301

(970) 259-9365 [phone]
(970) 259-3702[fax]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation


Contract With Client

Each client will receive a written contract that sets forth the fee(s) that will be charged and/or received. 

Technology Employed

We use Calyx Point software for all loan application submittals.  Outside of physical research and telephone communication, we also employ several web services in our searches for the best rates and terms for our clients.  We are constantely upgrading our technology to say ahead of the curve and be as cutting edge for our clients as possible.

Locking Procedures
We will lock your loan following the receipt of a completed loan application and preliminary underwriting approval.  We will not lock your loan until these conditions have been met and you have approved us to do so.  Written confirmation of lock will be provided to client upon request.
Applciation can be taken over the phone during regulary business hours or via our website at any time.  We will have preliminary underwriting approval typically within 1-2 hours if submitted during business hours.  All online applicaitons will be process within one buiness day from receipt of online application.

Third Party Fees
All third party fees are presented to the best of our knowledge in the written GFE that is provided within 3 days to all clients submitting a loan application.  We work hard with our service providers to stay on top of thier changing fees and programs, so that we can be as accurate as possible when quoting these to clients. 
We do not "upcharge" any third party fees to our clients.  We strictely pass along the actual cost amounts.

Broker Fees
Our broker fee(s) are addressed with clients upfront at the beginning of the loan application process.  Our fees may vary from time to time and are dependant upon the complexity of the transaction and the amount of time involved. 
All fees are discussed upfront and disclosed in writting to clients.  Our typical fee is 1% of the loan amount, and can be paid by the borrower, the lender or a combination of both.


Pinnacle Mortgage Group, LLC
1129 Main Avenue
Durango, Colorado 81301

(970) 259-9365 [phone]
(970) 259-3702[fax]
[email protected]