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James (Jim) Mueller
Contact Information

UMB of Wisconsin
4064 Timber Lane
Cross Plains, Wisconsin 53528-9785

608-827-7827 [phone]
608-833-9525 [fax]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
Jim (James J. Mueller dba UMB of Wisconsin) is a Wisconsin based Mortgage Broker following the UpFront way of doing business.
Jim is also a:
Title Insuance Agent for Attorney's Title Guaranty Fund, Inc.
Land Developer
Real Estate Broker
Attorney with a practice primarily in the areas Real Estate, Estate Planning and Probate and Local Government.
Jim can bundle together several services and save clients time and money. 

Contract With Client
The following agreement is required by the State of Wisconsin.




UMB of Wisconsin

James J. Mueller, Mortgage Broker License # 213958

4064 Timber Lane, Cross Plains, WI 53528--9785

Ph.608.827.7827  Fax 698.833.9525  Cell 608.333.4589




This agreement is entered into between the borrower (hereafter referred to as “me,” “I,” or “the borrower”) and UMB of Wisconsin this _______ day of _____________, 20__.  The parties are entering into this agreement to satisfy the requirements of s. 224.79(1), Wis. Stats., and DFI-Bkg 44.01, Wis. Admin. Code.  This form is required pursuant to s. 224.79(1), Wis. Stats., and must be used in conjunction with a federal good faith estimate form pursuant to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 (“RESPA”), as amended; the Truth-In-Lending disclosures required pursuant to the federal Truth-In-Lending Act; and the state consumer disclosure statement required pursuant to s. 224.79(2), Wis. Stats.


I acknowledge that UMB of Wisconsin may not make mortgage loans or commitments on its own behalf.  UMB of Wisconsin may make a commitment on behalf of the lender when UMB of Wisconsin has obtained a written commitment or lock in for the loan from the lender on behalf of the borrower for the loan.  The commitment must be in the same form and substance as issued by the lender.  UMB of Wisconsin cannot guarantee acceptance into any particular loan program or promise any specific loan terms or conditions.


I.                   TERMS AND CONDITIONS

This Agreement provides that UMB of Wisconsin, for a period of _____ days, will exercise its best efforts to negotiate and obtain a bona fide mortgage loan commitment on behalf of the borrower, based on the following terms (or better terms) and conditions:


      Loan Type (check one)   ____ VA    ____ FHA  ____ Conventional   ___ Other   


This loan will be a  ____ First Mortgage   ____ Second Mortgage   ____ Other


This mortgage _____ Does   ____ Does Not have a prepayment penalty


This mortgage _____ Does   ____ Does Not have a balloon payment


This mortgage _____ Is  ____ Is Not an “Interest Only” mortgage


This mortgage ____ May  ____ May Not be subject to negative amortization


The mortgage ____ Is locked in for _____ days.   ____ Is Not locked in


Principal Amount  $________________                    Interest Rate _________%


            Fixed rate or variable rate ___________                    Term _______________


            Years of amortization ______________                   





In consideration for UMB of Wisconsin earning its fee, the services to be provided by UMB of Wisconsin are as follows (check all that apply):


____    Arranging for a conditional mortgage loan commitment between Borrower and Lender.

____    Taking the mortgage loan application.

____    Assembling information.

____    Processing the mortgage loan file including verifying of information.

____    Preparing all paperwork and documentation necessary for a conditional mortgage loan approval.

____    Reviewing, analyzing and evaluating Borrower’s financial statements, income and credit history.

____    Other:  ____________________________________________________________






I understand that, as compensation for its services, UMB of Wisconsin will be paid as checked below (check all that apply):


____    The lender will pay UMB of Wisconsin a fee of no greater than _____% of the loan amount or $_______.  The compensation UMB of Wisconsin will receive from the lender for its services is included in the rate, points, fees and terms of the loan as quoted by the lender in its commitment.  The maximum points paid, including premium pricing, rebates or bonuses by the lender to UMB of Wisconsin shall not exceed ______ (   ) points.


____    The fee the lender will pay UMB of Wisconsin is not known at this time but will be disclosed to me at the time of lock-in or when the rate is set.  The maximum points paid, including premium pricing, rebates or bonuses by the lender to UMB of Wisconsin], shall not exceed _______ ( ) points.


____    I will pay UMB of Wisconsin], from the loan proceeds, a fee of no greater than _____% of the loan amount or $________.  I authorize the lender’s attorney or title company to collect this fee from me at closing.



____    I will pay UMB of Wisconsin directly, _____ upon my signed acceptance of a commitment _____ or at closing, a fee of no greater than _____% of the loan amount or $________.




I understand that I am required to pay the following fees at application: 

____    Application Fee           $ ____________

____    Appraisal Fee*            $ ____________

____    Credit Report Fee*     $ ____________


The loan application fee is ____ not applicable ____ is applicable to your closing costs at the time of settlement and is ____ not refundable ____ refundable under the following conditions:



* If the appraisal and credit report have not been done, for any reason, the fees for these items will be refunded in full.


Fees, terms, conditions and interest rate ____ are ____ are not subject to change prior to or at closing.


This agreement does not contain an automatic renewal provision.  Any extension or modification of this agreement shall be approved in writing by UMB of Wisconsin and the Borrower.


By signing below, I acknowledge receipt of a copy of this agreement and acknowledge I have read and understand the agreement.


Applicant:  Do not sign this form if spaces are left blank.



Applicant _______________________________________             Date _______________



Applicant _______________________________________             Date _______________



Interviewer ______________________________________             Date _______________



Interviewer Name and title ___________________________________________________




[INSTRUCTION – Before the acceptance of a loan application fee or application, disclose the amount of any such fee, labeled to indicate the general purpose of the fee; whether all or any part of the application fee or related charges are refundable; the terms and conditions for a refund if all or any part of the fee or related charges are refundable; and whether the fee, terms and conditions (provided in section I) of the application, including the interest rate, will remain constant or are subject to change prior to or at closing]




Technology Employed

We utilize Electronic Secure Document Delivery over the internet to communicate with lenders. We use paper or emailed fillable forms at the client's convenience.

Locking Procedures
Once we have a loan registered, we constantly monitor rates and call clients to choose the time, number of days and rate at which to lock the rates.

Relocks are permitted at a cost of .375% on the cost (not the interest rate) of the loan.

Third Party Fees
The fees for lenders and third party service providers that we obtain for clients are disclosed in advance of loan commitment and are guananteed by us.
Clients receive credit for 3/4 of the cost of Title Insurance policies that Jim issues.

Within limitations set by the lenders, our clients are free to obtain the third party services from other vendors.

Broker Fees
Fees negotiated with clients range from 1/2% to 2% and are determined by the size and type of loan, the client credit score and the complexity of the transaction.
Any and all fees (Yield Spreads) paid by lenders are fully disclosed and credited to the client's account. Unless the client expects to be in the mortgage only a short period of time or needs the rebate from the lender, we discourage clients from choosing the higher interest rates that produce "Yield Spread" payments from the lenders (they pay money to get people to accept higher interest rates).
Using the Calculators on the Mortgage Professors web site, we show clients how valuable the lower interest rates are that they can obtain through the payment of points.


UMB of Wisconsin
4064 Timber Lane
Cross Plains, Wisconsin 53528-9785

608-827-7827 [phone]
608-333-4589 [phone2]
608-833-9525 [fax]
[email protected]