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Joe Metzler
Contact Information

Mortgages Unlimited, Joe Metzler
33 Wentworth Ave E, Suite 290
St Paul, Minnesota 55118

651-552-3681 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
Minneapolis / Saint Paul Business Journal has recognized Mortgages Unlimited as one of the top 25 locally owned mortgage lenders in Minnesota. Who are you thinking of doing business with?The Joe Metzler Group at Mortgages Unlimited is part of Lenders One - The nations 3rd Largest loan originators. We are constantly rated in the top 25 of non-bank lenders in Minnesota. We were established in 1991. I belong to MMA (Minnesota Mortgage Association) and NAMB (National Assoc of Mortgage Brokers). We have a spotless Better Business Bureau record. Joe is a Certified MMS (Minnesota Mortgage Specialist). One of only 75 in the entire state to hold this prestigious designation.

Contract With Client
Joe and his team contract with his clients using the newstrict Federally mandated Good Faith Estimate and Truth-in-Lending requirements (as of Jan 1, 2010)
Technology Employed

Click here to apply online with upFront Mortgage Broker Joe Metzler for any property in MN, WI, and FLThe Joe Metzler Team at Mortgages Unlimited uses all the latest high-tech instant underwriting systems, giving us the ability to provide most people with almost instant approvals. Furthermore, we allow you to securely apply online 24-hours a day. Once we have you in our system, you get instant notification by E-Mail anytime your loan status changes, plus we even have a secure private area on our web site where you can review the status of your loan, and review documents 24-hours a day!

Locking Procedures
We allow you to "Lock" your loan anytime from application to 3-days before closing. There is never any up-front cost or fee to lock, plus we will do it verbally right over the phone, with a follow-up WRITTEN Lock Agreement so you have it in writting!
Third Party Fees
Metzler Group provides all customers wth a WRITTEN Satisfaction Guarantee at application. We also guarantee our estimates to be extremely accurate. What you see on te estimate is what you will see at closing. NO SURPRISES!
Broker Fees
Broker Fees: Joe and his team, as both Bankers and Brokers negotiates fees on a case by case basis because not all customer situations are identical. What is right for one, may be wrong for another. Some of the criteria that go into the determination of our fees are: Loan Amount, Credit History, Documentation Type, Borrower Participation, and Closing Time Frame. Typical Fees are as follows:

Origination Fee: The industry standard origination fee is 1%, which can be show on the GFE as a closing cost, or worked into the interest rate at the customers descretion.

Lender Fees: Lenders charge a fee to underwrite the file, prepare the loan docs and fund the loan. This also includes the tax service fee and the flood certification fee. Our estimates will clear show these items.

Appraisal Fee: Ranges between $0-$500 depending on loan type and size of home, but average $350. 

Yield Spread Premium: This tool, if used, is discussed and disclosed by us. The customer has the option to use the Yield Spread (increase the interest rate) to pay for the origination fee to keep up-front costs lower. This is worked out on a case by case basis with the customer to determine if it makes more sense to pay the origination fee, the Yield Spread Premium fee or a combination of the two. The vast majority of customers elect to use a combination of the two.
Minneapolis / Saint Paul Business Journal has recognized Mortgages Unlimited as one of the top 25 locally owned mortgage lenders in Minnesota. Who are you thinking of doing business with?Why Joe Metzler, MMS, UMB
With over 10 years experience, thousands of closed loans, billions of dollars funded, and a 98% post closing satisfaction rating. This is what you are looking for, this is what you deserve!

Our company, Mortgages Unlimited, through our affiliations, is rated the 9th largest loan originators in the nation, and we are constantly rated one of the top lenders in Minnesota.

Joe is an Certified MMS (Minnesota Mortgage Specialist) and upFront Mortgage Broker
What is the Minnesota Mortgage Specialist (MMS) designation?

Currently less than 75 people in Minnesota have completed the requirements to earn their MMS designation! The Minnesota Mortgage Specialist designation is the title given by the Minnesota Mortgage Association. (MMA) to Minnesota mortgage professionals who choose to distinguish themselves as experienced, well-educated, ethical operators by successfully completing educational and professional requirements set forth by the MMA. As well as annually participating in continuing education pertaining to industry law and ethics. To achieve this designation, an MMS must have 5-years provable experience in the industry, attend the Minnesota Mortgage Lending School, take Mortgage Law and Ethics classes, and successfully pass the difficult MMS test. To retain their designation, an MMS must maintain at least 6 hours of continuing education per year.

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Joe is a lifelong resident of the Minneapolis and St Paul, MN. area, and a 1998 Graduate of the Residential Mortgage Lending School, something very few Minnesota Loan Officers can claim. This is important because prior to 2008, NO individual LICENSE or EDUCATION was required by the State of Minnesota to be a Loan Officer, and what is required now is extremely minimal.

With dozens of competing mortgage lenders in MN, WI, and FL, and a wide range of mortgage programs to choose from in an industry that depends on quality and service, Joe can't afford to make mistakes and still continue to be strong and effective. His single most distinguishing feature is the consistent level of professionalism and thorough service given to his clients, builders, real estate agents, and investors. Once you meet Joe, it's easy to see why he is a successful loan officer. His track record is exceptional by any standard. Personally, Joe is just as impressive: confident, organized, friendly and helpful. He exudes a professional and personal style that is hard to resist.

upfront Mortgage broker loan applicationHaving helped Realtors and Builders successfully close many transactions, knowledgeable and dedicated, Joe believes in doing the job right the first time. He has an answer for even the most complicated situation. He firmly believes in people, community, and home ownership. Joe and his team are committed to providing outstanding service... Service you can depend on!
Whether you are buying your first home or your dream home, refinancing, or a debt consolidations loan, Joe has seen your situation before, and HE CAN HELP!

If you need a mortgage lender in Minneapolis, St Paul, or all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Florida, Joe should be your first choice, as he looks forward to adding YOU to his long list of satisfied customers.

Visit "Joe Metzler's Minnesota Mortgage Blog" for today's mortgage news and real estate information

Mortgages Unlimited, Joe Metzler
33 Wentworth Ave E, Suite 290
St Paul, Minnesota 55118

651-552-3681 [phone]
651-705-6261 [phone2]
[email protected]