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Johnny Blanco
Contact Information

JGB Financial & Investments
5633 Strand Blvd
Suite 303
Naples, Florida 34110

239-596-9008 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
UMBA (Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association)
NAIFA (National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors)
NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Brokers)
FAMB (Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers) 

Contract With Client

Yes, Florida Mortgage Brokerage Business Contract

Technology Employed
We use the latest web based technology to keep costs low and increase efficency for our clients.
We also utilize technology to leverage the best possible communication with our clients. In addition to being able to fill out applications online, we have a secure site where you can either upload or fax in documentation that is requested and always view an up to date status of your loan. We employ sophisticated technology that enables us to quickly and efficiently price loans with multiple lenders whether it be a subprime, conforming, alt-a loans.

Locking Procedures

We will  lock the rate when our clients tell us to lock. We will not lock without discussing this with you first. However, if we see the market moving in one direction or another that might affect you, we will contact you first, as we monitor the market very closely.

Third Party Fees
All thrid party fees will be fully disclosed to you in the Good Faith Estimate; you will always know what is going on in your loan.

At the timeof lock-in, all  broker and lender fees are guaranteed as disclosed on the good faith estimate.  Title /escrow and other third party fees are subject to adjustment at closing.  If any of the guaranteed fees are higher then what we disclosed on the Good Faith Estimate at the time of lock-in,  we will pay the difference. 

Broker Fees
Each loan situation  is as unique as the client who requests it.  As such, we will negotiate our fees on a case by case basis after we have consulted with you regarding the parameters of the loan.  We will take into consideration all factors of the loan file and will disclose all fees to you upfront on the Good Faith Estimate
Our processing fee is $350.  Additional fees such as lenders fees (underwriting, tax service, flood certification), appraisal fees ($350-$500), and title/escrow fees may vary depending on the vendor chosen.  You are free to shop around for an escrow/title company and an appraiser (as long as they are not on the lenders' exclusionary list).   If  you would like us to choose one for you, we would be happy to do so. 
Yield Spread Premium will not be charged to you unless we prepare an analysis for you upfront to determine if using Yield Spread Premium would be to your benefit.


 Johnny G. Blanco

160 Logan Boulevard South Naples, Florida 34119

(239) 596-9008 Office (239) 289-8084 Cellular

[email protected]




HISTORY :        

President/Owner - JGB Financial & Investments Of SW FL (Naples - Florida)

                             As President of a Mortgage Broker Business; I have a direct impact on all of our clients by keeping total control of the procedures utilized on a daily basis our professional staff.

                             We understand our clients needs and concerns, therefore we offer solutions based on knowledge and research. We are a proud member of  Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association and set us apart from other companies by disclosing to clients our fees in the first interview with us.

(May 2005 - Present)


                             Broker/Agent  - AIG American General Life & Accident (Fort Myers - Florida)

                             Licensed in Health, Life and Variable Annuities; working as a Broker / Agent for AIG,  I was able to help individuals, families, and businesses secure their tomorrows through insurance solutions that help meet a lifetime of financial needs.

                             In 2004 awarded Top Sales Agent in the South Eastern Region.  (December 2004 Ė Present)


Replenishment Executive Manager - Target Corporation (Naples - Florida)

                             Responsible for planning overall replenishment of the Store, and a crew that consist of 40 to 50 team members and Team Leaders.

                               Top priority was to supervise replenishment team to ensure arriving merchandise was received and flowed to the sales floor, stocked according to presentation guidelines and back-stocked accurately in a timely manner. Ensure guest service was an optimal level , push / replenishment process, productivity and strategic planning. Backroom management and team member training.

                               (December 1999 - December 2004)


Assistant Store Manager - Linens ní Things Corporation        

(North Naples - Florida)

                              Responsible for establishing and maintaining guest service, controlling expenses, shortages, inventory control and all aspects of merchandising ; ensure for the training and the development of the associates in selling techniques by providing various reports to ensure the knowledge and the confidence they needed to assist our guest and meet store sales goals.

                               (February 1996 - December 1999)





OBJETIVE :      

To offer guidance and solutions through knowledge and information on the mortgage industry. Highly motivated, willing to learn new ways to improve the way I impact on people, and ready to expand my knowledge and opportunities.


SKILLS :             

- Computer Software Training.

- MS Word / MS Excel (80 hrs).

                             - Calyx Software Training (120 hrs).

                             - Fluent in Spanish and English.



- Linens ní Things University.

                               (Graduated from Store Management Training Program)

                             - Targetís Business College Training Program.

                               (Graduated from Replenishment Tools and Logistic Methods)

                             - Southern Association Of Insurance Schools.

                               (Successfully completed 40 hours approved insurance course for

                                Life, health and variable annuity state classes)

                             - Ed Klopfer Schools Of Mortgage Brokers.

                               (Successfully completed 24 hours approved mortgage classes)

                             - Noble Continuing Education.

  (Life/Health & Variable Annuity 24 Hours Classes)

- Ed Klopfer Schools Of Real Estate.

  (Completed 63 hours classes for Real Estate Sales Person)



LICENSES :      

- Life, Health & Variable Annuity License 2-15.

                             - Mortgage Broker License ( Individual ).

                             - Mortgage Broker Business License.



- NAIFA Member (National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors).
- UMBA Member (Upfront Mortgage Broker Association).
- NAMB Member (National Association of Mortgage Brokers).
- FAMB Memeber (Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers).



REFERENCES :         

                             - Available upon request.










JGB Financial & Investments
5633 Strand Blvd
Suite 303
Naples, Florida 34110

239-596-9008 [phone]
239-289-8084 [phone2]
[email protected]