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Kevin Iverson
Contact Information

Reed Mortgage Corporation
4600 S. Syracuse Street
Suite 900
Denver, Colorado 80237

303-662-9490 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
My company (Reed Mortgage Corporation) has been in business for 12 years.  

Contract With Client
Each borrower will receive a written contract that sets forth the fee that will be charged.
Technology Employed
I have found that on-line applications are not the best way to handle the loan application process. As such, applications are handled either in person or over the phone. 

I utilizes automated underwriting systems such as Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter and Freddie Mac’s Loan Prospector which allows me to provide a preliminary loan approval in less than an hour for most of our loans products. And with these systems, the documentation that is needed for a loan is significantly reduced.

Locking Procedures
Loans to purchase a property can locked anytime after a contract has been executed. Refinance loans can be locked anyime after receipt of a loan application.
Third Party Fees
The Origination Fee, lender fees, the appraisal fee, and the credit report fee are all guaranteed. If any of these costs at closing are higher than those shown on the Good Faith Estimate, the borrower will be refunded the difference.
Broker Fees
Origination Fee: The fee for my services is an "Origination Fee".  This fee is payable at closing upon sucessfull completion of the transaction. The Origination Fee will vary depending upon the complexity of the transaction. The fee will range from $2,200 to $2,900.

Processing Fee: No processing fee.

Lender Fees: The total amount of the lender fees will vary depending upon the lender that is selected. In most cases, the total lender fees will not exceed $600.

Appraisal Fee: The amount of the appraisal fee will vary depending upon the type of loan, size of property, and where the property is located. For properties located along the Front Range (Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Ft. Collins), the appraisal fee will range from $300 to $425.

Yield Spread Premium: The amount of the Yield Spread Premium (if applicable) will be disclosed and will be passed through to the borrower in the form of credit, thus reducing the borrower's closing costs.
  • President and owner of Reed Mortgage Corporation (NMLS#372152)

  • Co-Founder and President/Secretary of Upfront Mortgage Broker Association 

  • USA's first Upfront Mortgage Broker

  • 34 years experience in mortgage lending industry    

  • Former President and Director of Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association

  • Licensed Colorado Mortgage Loan Originator - License Number 100014138

  • NMLS # 274700

Reed Mortgage Corporation
4600 S. Syracuse Street
Suite 900
Denver, Colorado 80237

303-662-9490 [phone]
877-875-1515 [phone2]
[email protected]