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Marilyn Sweet
Contact Information

Boulder Mortgage Company
Mailing Address
3850 Paseo del Prado #28
Boulder, Colorado 80301

303-442-3796 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
Gold Member of the Boulder-Denver Better Business Bureau. No complaints... ever.
I am fully licensed with the Colorado Board of Realtors. My mortgage broker license number is MB100013725. My company is insured and bonded as well.

Contract With Client
Client satisfaction is paramount to Boulder Mortgage Company. Every charge is explained completely and there are no surprises at closing.
I value your business and trust. Your confidential information is safe with me. Since I do not use contract processors, your information is not sent to other parts of the country or even across town!

Technology Employed

I use Calyx Point software, the most dependable and secure mortgage software in the industry. Our email and fax accounts are secure and are not accessible without a password. No faxes or emails sit unattended at the printer or copier.

Locking Procedures

I will lock your loan with a completed application and preliminary underwriting approval.  Your application can be taken over the phone and preliminary approval will be issued within 1-2 hours. I will be happy to write a loan approval letter to your realtor to attach to your purchase offer.

Third Party Fees

I do not markup any third party fees such as title work, appraisal, or any other closing fees. You are charged the exact amount for the work provided.

Broker Fees
My company is paid by the wholesale lender for bringing your loan to them. You may also opt to pay our fee and receive a lower interest rate. Both options will be fully explained to you.


Your Money is Safe With Me!

My name is Marilyn Sweet and I started Boulder Mortgage Company in 2001. As a former real estate investor in the 1980's and 1990's in Denver, I began Boulder Mortgage because I was shocked at how little information I received from mortgage brokers.

I resolved to start a company that would inform clients about the mortgage options available to them. In addition, I felt strongly that since I had a great deal of experience with mortgages and real estate, most clients would welcome a bit of sound financial advice on the best mortgage for their personal situation.
720+ Credit Scores Only!

As it turns out, these principles were welcome in Boulder and Denver.  My company has been successful because people appreciate hearing the truth about mortgages and fees.

In 2003, I decided to limit my services to high credit individuals and families only.  I have never done subprime mortgages. It turned out to be an excellent decision!
Processing Fees and Commission

High credit families and individuals pay no processing fee for residential property. You work hard and have great credit. You should receive a benefit for these good deeds. I have lowered my overhead by eliminating office expenses and am passing that savings onto my customers.

I receive a commission from the wholesale lender that buys your loan. My usual commission is .8% to 1.5% of your loan amount depending on the size of your loan. If you wish, you can pay my commission and you will receive a lower interest rate.

I charge $50 for credit reports with your application.

Only the Best Wholesalers In the Mortgage Business

Boulder Mortgage Company uses only the top wholesalers in the industry. I have literally never had a complaint from a client about the service they have received after the loan is closed. And if you have a problem, I am here to resolve that for you.

Save Time and Trouble Too!

The vast majority of my clients are required to provide only one or two documents to complete their loan. If you have equity or a large down payment, often no appraisal is required which saves you several hundred dollars. At closing, many clients say it was the easiest loan they ever got.
Ethical Principles

I will explain every charge to you and never mark up third party fees. I disclose my commissions and am open to any questions you may have.

Usually I only accept a small number of loans per month so you get individual attention from me. I do all my own processing so your confidential information is not being sent all over the country.

Your Identity is Safe Too!

In addition, after 4 years, your file is professionally shredded by a company that guarantees the security of their methods.

Thank you for considering Boulder Mortgage Company- Your Hometown Lender.

Boulder Mortgage Company
Mailing Address
3850 Paseo del Prado #28
Boulder, Colorado 80301

303-442-3796 [phone]
[email protected]