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1901 Olympic Blvd. #300
Walnut Creek, California 94596

925-699-6474 [phone]
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Member Good Standing- California Association of Mortgage Brokers National Association of Mortgage Brokers
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Free 60 day locks Free Rate Roll Down Option for all UMB clients for life of lock
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Fee negotiated on case by case loan scenario basis Free appraisal and credit for all UMB clients- no upfront fees!
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Broker Fees: fee negototiated on case by case loan scenario Discounted escrow and title fees available!

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Lender Fees: negotiable

Appraisal Fee: FREE- No Charge

Yield Spread Premium: refundable to borrower over agreed upon commission

Jeff Jaye is a California Department of Real Estate licensed mortgage loan officer since 1989.

Jeff has successfully originated over 2400 residential home loans over the past 19 years with a 100% approval rate and a 99.89% closing ratio over that time. He has closed over $680,000,000 in home loans consisting of purchase, refinance, and construction type financing. Jeff was named the 1999-2000 "Mortgage Broker of the Year" by the California Association of Mortgage Brokers (CAMB)

He holds the title of Past President for the California Association of Mortgage Brokers(CAMB) East Bay Chapter which during his tenure was named the fastest growing local chapter in the United States by NAMB for the 1999-2000 term. Jeff is also a past State Director and the past Co-Chair of the CAMB Statewide Affiliates Panel. Jeff regularly is asked to participate on panels with local State Senators, DRE commissioners and Congressional members in Washington D.C. on mortgage related policy sessions.

Jeff is the featured "Mortgage Expert' on KRON TV Channel 4 in the Bay Area on mortgage related issues and topics and has spoken at mortgage conventions in over 20 States and Internationally as the Keynote Speaker at the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers National Conference.

Co-founded and current Executive Vice President of the Nationally recognized "UFRONT MORTGAGE BROKER ASSOCIATION" located at www.mtgprofessor.com with Professor Jack Guttentag from the Wharton School of Business. The UMB program enables consumers to obtain guaranteed loan programs with no hidden costs or fees. Jeff has instituted for his UMB clients the UMB 6 Point Plan which gives his clients outstanding beneifts not traditionally seen in the retail mortgage loan origination arena. He has closed over 350 UMB loans in California since co-founding the program almost 5 years ago.

He has been featured as an author and contributor in Origination News, National Broker Magazine, Mortgage Press, Broker Magazine, Mortgage Originator Magazine, and sits on the editorial board of Midwest Mortgage Magazine. Jeff has served as a AGC on the Mustang Soccer Club, and the California Youth Soccer Association - North-Board as well as volunteered for the Boy Scouts and Local Little Leagues. Married to Barbara and father of 4 children Tyler, Dallas, Spenser, and Noah.

1901 Olympic Blvd. #300
Walnut Creek, California 94596

925-699-6474 [phone]
1-800-801-0197 [phone2]
[email protected]