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Jason Crigler
Contact Information

Crown Mortgage, LLC
620 Woodbrook Drive Suite 2
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

434-975-5626 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
Crown Mortgage, LLC is a Virginia based mortgage broker headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Contract With Client
We use the standard UMBA Agreement for Services contract and our fees are disclosed on the Good Faith Estimate.  You can view the agreement on our website by clicking here.
Technology Employed
Our website, CrownMortgage.com, provides clients with a secure online application, mortgage calculators and additional mortgage tools.  When applying online, clients are provided a unique user ID and password to check the status of their loan throughout the loan process.

Crown Mortgage is committed to the privacy and security of our clients' information. Please view our Privacy & Security Policy for more information.

Locking Procedures
We will provide the client with a rate lock confirmation upon completion of the mortgage application and a verbal or written rate lock request. Extended rate locks may require pre-payment of rate lock fees and such fees must be received by Crown Mortgage prior to the extended rate lock.
Third Party Fees
At the time of lock-in, all broker and lender fees are guaranteed as disclosed on the Good Faith Estimate and agreed upon by the client. Title/escrow and other third parties are estimates and are not guaranteed. At closing, if any of the guaranteed broker and lender fees are higher than the amounts disclosed on the signed Good Faith Estimate, Crown Mortgage will pay the difference.

The following are the typical fees charged by respective third parties:

Appraisal: $385-450

Credit Report: $18-35

Processing Fee: $0

Underwriting Fee: $650-950

Title Company or Attorney Fee: $350-$650

Overage of points or yield spread premium may be used to pay third party fees in whole or in part.

Broker Fees
Our broker compensation is typically 2% of the loan amount and we are always paid by the investor/lender.  Mortgage rates change daily, so visit our Rates Page or give us a call at (434) 975-5626 for a rate quote.

We're consumers, too. And we hate junk fees like everyone else. We never charge any broker junk fees like application, processing and administrative charges.

Working with Crown, you’ll quickly learn that our loan officers aren’t salespeople. That means you’ll never feel pressured. You’ll never walk away wondering if you got swindled into something you shouldn't have bought.

Our number one asset is our Integrity. It means so much on so many levels. The market is filled with those who make promises of the "lowest rates," of those who can do "miracle loans." We won't tell you any of that. Why would you want to trust the most important financial decision in your life to someone who's ready to promise anything to you just to land the deal.

Our loan officers are mortgage specialists. They won’t only get you the best deal for your house. They won’t only get you the best deal for your house, but they’ll walk you through the process whether your purchasing a home or refinancing your current property.  Our mission is to see you get on your feet to lasting financial prosperity and freedom. We welcome questions not just about rates and loan programs but about who we are, our character and our integrity.

434-975-LOAN (5656)
800-965-1631  Toll Free

Crown Mortgage, LLC
620 Woodbrook Drive Suite 2
Charlottesville, Virginia 22901

434-975-5626 [phone]
800-965-1631 [phone2]
[email protected]