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Contact Information

California Home Loans
1839 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #135
Walnut Creek
BAY AREA and FRESNO, California 94598

800-961-6502 [phone]
[email protected]

Organization Affiliation
Casey Sullivan is affiliated with California Home Loans, a professional mortgage broker with offices in the Central Valley (Fresno) and the San Francisco Bay Area (Walnut Creek).   Casey is assisted by a team of 5 that includes a full-time Client Care Coordinator that helps in providing world class service.

Casey is a affiliated with By Referral Only, Lions International, Busines+ Plus Walnut Creek, Leads of North Fresno, B2B Gathering in San Ramon, CP&BC, Better Business Bureau, and the East Bay Mastermind Group.

Contract With Client

No formal written contract is required with my clients, but it is an option.   With or without a contract, clients will know about how I work and what I do for them.

Technology Employed
Casey Sullivan uses state of the art technology to streamline the loan process and to provide you with the level of service that makes it comfortable for your to refer the people you care about to me.
There is an online loan application available at www.thesullivangrp.com.  I suggest that we talk on the phone before you fill out any online forms as I can often take the same information from you in less than half the amount of time.

Locking Procedures
Locking in your interest rate is normally done 30-45 days before your loan is completed.  I consult with you to help determine the best time to lock based on interest rate market trends and your specific situation.  For some loan programs, I offer lock periods of up to 1 year depending on the loan program.
The lock agreement is available to you for review.

Third Party Fees
These are all disclosed to you during the beginning steps of the loan application process. 

My of my lender's charge administration fees which normally include fees such as underwriting, document preparation, flood certification, tax service and wire.
Title and escrow companies charge for their services.  As a home buyer, the seller normally picks the company that will be used.  In a refinance or reverse mortgage, you get to choose.  I'll present you with the title and escrow fees as part of my initial good faith disclosures.

Broker Fees
Typical broker fees on residential purchases and refinances are noted below.  Reverse Mortgages, Commercial Loans , Home Equity Lines of Credit have a different broker fee structure that will be fully disclosed and reviewed with you.
Processing: $695
Credit Report Fee: None
Application Fee: None
Loan Origination: 0-1% of the loan amount, depending on the interest rate and yield spread premium.
Appraisal Fee:  $375 (typical)
Yield Spread Premium:  This is not a direct charge to you but instead compensation paid to me from the lender.  This amount will vary depending on the program structure and interest rate.  You always have the choice to take a higher interest rate and have the large yield spread premium serve to offset some or all of the loan costs.


I am a dedicated, dependable, and responsible mortgage consultant working with the talented professionals at The Sullivan Group and California Home Loans.

For the past 7– Amazing years I have skillfully assisted clients with their financing needs to achieve their dreams.

I have a caring and competent team who show up to work everyday to enthusiastically provide the support I need to give world class service to my clients.

6 Great Reasons To Trust Casey Sullivan With Your Next Mortgage

He Truly Represents Your Interest

Casey recognizes that every borrower is unique and has specific needs and goals. Because he has access to literally hundreds of different loan programs and loan approval criteria, he customizes the loan program to meet your needs. If you have a unique borrowing situation, Casey has probably dealt with it or something similar in the past. He frequently gets loans approved, which were previously declined by other mortgage companies. You can depend on Casey’s experience and knowledge to get your loan approved.

He is Actively Involved With Your Loan from Application To Closing
Most loan officers spend 70% of their time looking for new business. After they have taken your loan application, they move on to the next transaction. Casey does not abandon you after the loan application, but instead takes a very proactive role in the processing of your loan. He is always accessible to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

He is an Upfront Mortgage Broker (UMB)
He is committed to serving his clients openly and honestly. He is proud to be part of a new movement of modern mortgage professionals called Upfront Mortgage Brokers.

This means that he discloses all of his fees and compensation to his clients in writing. There is more to getting the best home loan than rates and fees, but it starts there. His clients get the benefit of his inside knowledge of the mortgage industry to acquire the best financing package available.

This Mortgage Planning approach gives you the most appropriate loan for your unique needs.

He has a Long List Of Satisfied Clients
Casey will provide you with an extensive list of references and encourages you to ask for the same from any other lender you are considering using. For most people, purchasing a home is the single largest investment they will ever make. References will tell you a lot about the person you are trusting with this investment.

He Attends His Closings
Your closing is the culmination of weeks and months of hard work, and yet very few loan officers even bother to attend. You have probably heard horror stories about borrowers showing up at closing to find out their interest rate or closing costs were much higher than originally quoted. Casey is accountable to you and will be at your closing (unless there is a rare scheduling conflict) to ensure your satisfaction. Casey believes your closing is not the place for “surprises”, unless, of course, they are pleasant ones.

His Business Is Based On Referrals
Since most of Casey’s business comes from referrals, he does not have to spend the time or advertising dollars (costs of which gets passed on to the consumer) searching for new clients. He spends the majority of his time concentrating on what is most important --- fast, hassle-free loan approvals for you and his other clients. By exceeding your expectations, he can be confident of your satisfaction and subsequent referrals. His long-term success depends on your desire to tell family, friends, and business associates about him. Casey Sullivan is committed to building strong, lasting, lifelong relationships one person at a time. His goal is to become...

“Your Personal Mortgage Consultant......for Life!”

Call Casey Now at  (800) 961-6502 





California Home Loans
1839 Ygnacio Valley Rd. #135
Walnut Creek
BAY AREA and FRESNO, California 94598

800-961-6502 [phone]
925-789-0065 [phone2]
[email protected]