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Brian Rossman
Contact Information

Vestira, Inc.
PO Box 6114
San Jose, California 95150

408-715-1882 [phone]
[email protected]
http://(residential, commercial, reverse mortgage)

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We work with many of the leading lenders in the industry to provide:

  • Residential Mortgages, including specialty loans for first-time home buyers (100% financing);
  • Commercial & SBA loans;
  • Second Home and Investment Property Loans;
  • Mortgages tailored towards self-employed individuals;
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC);
  • Custom and Construction Financing;
  • Loans for borrowers with varying credit scores;
  • Call us at 408-715-1882 or toll free at: 1-877-225-5928, at the prompt type, (408-715-1882)

    Vestira, Silicon Valley's Upfront Mortgage Broker™, is committed to helping you secure the right loan product. We understand that every borrower is different, and we offer a variety of programs tailored to meet your individual needs.

    As the Silicon Valley Upfront Mortgage Broker, Vestira makes the process of securing a mortgage simple and straightforward by offering sound advice and the latest in financial tools that enable you to make the right financial choices.



    We are committed to providing outstanding service with honesty, integrity and efficiency!

Contract With Client
Vestira currently does employ a written contract with clients by adopting and modifying the standard UMB contract when it became available.
Technology Employed
Vestira uses an online application process which clients can use to fill out their application at their convenience. The status of applications is available on-line at all times.
Locking Procedures
Vestira is able to lock loans to refinance upon receipt of the completed application, plus other items that have been requested from the client. Purchase loans can be locked on the day the purchase contract is signed, provided the client has already provided the information required for a pre-approval used to support the purchase.
Third Party Fees
Vestira is able to guarantee lender, broker and third-party closing costs on the day that the rate is locked. If any of these costs at closing are higher than those shown on the good faith estimate given to the borrower at the time the rate lock is confirmed, the company will pay the difference.
Broker Fees
Broker Fees: Vestira negotiates fees on a case by case basis. Some of the criteria that go into the determination of our fees are: Loan Amount, Credit History, Documentation Type, Borrower Participation, and Closing Time Frame. Typical Fees are as follows:


Processing Fee: $495 which includes credit report, Fed Ex fees to get loan package to the lender and payment of loan processor and transaction coordinator.

Lender Fees: Wholesale lenders charge a fee to underwrite the file, prepare the loan docs and fund the loan. This also includes the tax service fee and the flood certification fee.

Appraisal Fee: Ranges between $250-$500 depending on type and size of home. Customers are free to shop for their own appraiser. We can recommend a trustworthy company if the customer wishes.

Yield Spread Premium: The YSP is the spread that the bank pays us to deliver a certain rate to the customer. This fee is always disclosed by Vestira, Inc. The customer has the option to use the Yield Spread Premium to pay for the origination fee to keep up-front costs lower and obtain the wholesale rate. This is worked out on a case by case basis with the customer to determine if it makes more sense to pay the origination fee, the Yield Spread Premium fee or a combination of the two.
A founding member of the UMBA, Vestira is led by a California licensed Attorney and Real Estate Broker, Brian Rossman, who has been providing financial and legal services to home and business owners since 1993.

Mr. Rossman is a Commissioner with the City of San Jose for Small Business Development.

Mr. Rossman has served as an Expert Witness regarding the Mortgage Process and the Mortgage Industry.

Mr. Rossman has trained and mentored UMB members on the mission and loan procedures of working as an effective UMB.

 Mr. Rossman serves on the UMBA Executive Committe for Legal and Finance.

Retained by San Jose State University, Mr. Rossman created, coordinated and instructed in an innovative professional development program for entrepreneurs called, "The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Management (EM)." San Jose State University has also tabbed Mr. Rossman to create the curriculum and instruct in a cutting edge program for Seniors and Senior Advisors regarding real estate, finance and general welfare issues.

Real Estate Broker -- CA Dept. of Real Estate -- License #01493412

Phone: 408-715-1882; Fax: 408-715-1883; [email protected]
Call us toll free at: 1-877-225-5928, at the prompt type, (408-715-1882)
Adam Kaufman has over 12 years of experience in commercial and consumer banking. A significant portion of his experience has been providing financial consulting and lending services to Fortune 500 executives, venture capitalists, professional athletes and other high-net worth individuals. He has arranged the financing for homes and businesses ranging from $100,000 to $50 million dollars.
Ron Rossman is a licensed attorney in the State of Colorado. As an attorney, Mr. Rossman practices before the US 10th District Court and the United States Supreme Court. He has more than thirty years of experience and expertise in conventional and creative real estate financing.


Vestira, Inc.
PO Box 6114
San Jose, California 95150

408-715-1882 [phone]
1-877-225-5928, then, (408-715-1882) [phone2]
[email protected]